Exploring the Depths

I received this week my contributor’s copy to a new collection of poems called Exploring the Depths, a collection of poems based on the concept of exploration. It’s a lovely collection, edited by Janette Fernando, and it includes a poem of mine called ‘Driving Lake Mungo’, on the strange and beautiful experience of visiting Lake Mungo for the first time.

You can learn more about this, and order a copy from Poetica Christi Press.


The joy of paper


I’m pretty much as digital as the next person but it’s one thing seeing an emailed picture of the new ‘Best Australian Poems’ and quite another seeing a couple of hard copies right there in the letter box in real life so to speak.

Two copies arrived this week and I love the reverse alphabetical order of authors that John Tranter has adopted this year. Well I would wouldn’t I! In the introduction he talks about the urge to the ‘narrative’ that he’s seen in this year’s selection.

I like the cover, and I like the company I’m in: Alan Wearne, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Mark Tredinnick, Les Murray, Jennifer Maiden, Geoff Goodfellow, Katherine Gallagher, Sarah Day, Bruce Dawe and many more. I recommend this as the ultimate ‘stocking-filler’ for grown-ups.

Australian Poetry Library

I’ve had a long held dream to promote some means for teachers to get hold of contemporary Australian poetry, for classroom use, and this week I learned that the Australian Poetry Library was attempting to do just that.

Funded by the Australian Copyright Agency, there’s none of my poetry there, but there is a pretty good range of poets with extensive range of poems: 1600 from Les Murray, over 700 from Peter Porter, nearly 500 p oems from Diane Fahey. Downloading is a little clunky (PDF by PayPal) and maybe they might have been better going for a broader spread of poets (they’ve closed the site to new poems I see) and spent a little more time on better searching, but it’s a pretty impressive start.


I was glad tonight to be able to get to the Melbourne launch of Brook Emery’s new book Collusion, published by John Leonard Press. 
I’ve enjoyed Brooks’s work for a while now so it was nice to see him again and hear him read from this interesting new collection; a book that seems quite different in its universality than his more local earlier things. It’s not that simple, of course. This book seems firmly grounded too except it’s not about one place, but THE place we all find ourselves in – looking at things, and how they rub against us, firmly in the face. 

Collusion Book Launch

I’ve always enjoyed Brook Emery’s writing so a new book is always a bit of a treat. Couple that with a trip to my favourite poetry bookshop (Collected Works) and you’ve got me. ¬†Emery’s new book is called Collusion and is published by John Leonard Press. It will be launched on the 4th of September at 6.oo pm.